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 !! Remember the Rules !!

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Age : 37
I Live in : Helsinki, Finland
Favorite gun : GB36.
Favorite map : A-Bomb
X-Fire : iiZi
Registration date : 2008-09-09

!! Remember the Rules !! Empty
PostSubject: !! Remember the Rules !!   !! Remember the Rules !! Icon_minitimeWed 10 Sep - 8:38

.:At Server:.

Camp allowed
NO SPAWN RAPE Exclamation Exclamation
No bug using
No team kill / taze / nade / spray
No cheating
If you are AFK, go to spec (kick cc spec / kick cc join)
No using of 45.smg
No offensive language
Be polite and mature, say SORRY if you break the rules !!!

You will get penalized from misbehaving !!

.:At Forum:.

No offensive language
Do not spam
Don't post links warez or porn
Be active and conversate with good attitude


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!! Remember the Rules !!
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